How do you feel when people talk badly about you either to your face or behind your back? It is never a positive feeling nor does it normally produce a positive outcome; but it is a reality in today's world just as it was in David's day. He gives the Lord all kinds of ideas of how to shut their mouths and stop their talking, but he does not act on his own to fix the problem. Why? David believes that God can handle those back-biters far better than he can. We know that is true and are commanded to let the Lord protect us and get vengeance for any misdeeds done to us or words misspoken about us. He tells us clearly that vengeance is His and then He commands us to love those who hurt, persecute, or revile us. He also tells us to love our enemies; therefore, we should not talk badly about those that talk badly of us, nor should we revile or persecute those who revile and persecute us. How can we allow people to tear us down and destroy our good name without retaliation? We do so by faith in the One who promises to get vengeance for those acts against His kids. David fully depends upon God to deal with those who misaligned his name, and he makes no plans to fix it on his own. That is faith! It is how God wants us to live minus the suggestions for their demise. Love your enemies and watch God take care of the rest.

Help me, Lord, to love those who talk badly about me to my face or behind my back. Help me to trust You for any vengeance that might come from their hurtful words and lies.