One of the greatest features of the Bible is that it never tries to sugar-coat God's response to man's rebellion and wickedness. It shows men at their worst moments and reveals how God works to bring them back to Himself. He is not a Father who overlooks our failures; instead, He moves in our lives in ways that will help us overcome and get the victory. Some listen and learn, while others continue on in their sin no matter how many times Yahweh tries to correct them. This is the reality of our humanity. The psalmist laments his personal and his people's failure and admits that God no longer goes with them into battle. He no longer gives them victory over their enemies, because His people abandoned Him and chose to serve other gods. This is real life and exactly how God works in our lives today. Yes, we enjoy God's grace and mercy each day, but our sin does impact God's work in our lives. He is always ready to work in and through us, but our sin stops that and stumps our maturity and stills our ministry. Are you experiencing the effects of stupid and sinful decisions? If so, always know that God is ready to forgive, but He knows your heart and will not accept lip service as heartfelt repentance. When He knows that we are truly repentant then He steps in and begins His work in our lives once again.

Help me, Lord, to walk in grace, mercy, and obedience today. Help me to show my heartfelt gratitude for Your gift of grace and walk according to your statutes and plans.