The psalmist again starts his song with a "give thanks." This time, he encourages us to give thanks because our God is good and "His love endures forever." Our praise should reflect the saving work Yahweh has done in our lives. It should come from the depths of our soul because God has pulled us from the miry pit and given us life everlasting. He has taken us from "the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light." He has literally opened the doors of heaven for all who trust His Son as Savior and Lord. The psalmist even challenges us to give thanks when Yahweh punishes us for our transgressions, because it reveals His incredible love for us. As followers of Christ, we should never live in guilt or shame, because Jesus died to wash them away; however, we can never forget from where we came, because it keeps us humble and focused on the task at hand. Paul was forgiven and ready to enter the pearly gates, but he still reminded people that in his past, he used to persecute God's church. He was not proud of his failures, but he did use them to stay the course in humility and power. We all have those "skeletons" that we do not want others to know about. In Christ, they are completely forgiven. We can live free from the shame that they threaten to reproduce in our lives even as we allow them to mold us more and more into the image of Jesus.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate the incredible work You have done in my life. Help me to use those past mistakes to prepare me for a glorious future in Your service.