Today is a day of worship for many followers of Christ. We will gather together with people we love and who love us, and we will sing praises to God and study His Word. We will "fellowship" over coffee and welcome those who are first-time guests. We will do all of this and forget the one act of worship that might be the most important -- we forget to say "thank you!" No matter what, you and I have something to give thanks for. The psalmist returns to Israel's history starting at Abraham and reminds the people of God's work through the patriarchs, Joseph, and Moses and Aaron. It was a difficult journey filled with God's miracles of protection and provision for His kids. If we have nothing in the present to give thanks for, then look back to God's work in the past and give Him thanks for that. The psalmist does it and so should we. If, however, we are not seeing God's hand in our current situation, then maybe we need to look at it from a different perspective or even admit that it is not God's will and step away from it. Every person who is walking closely with God will have something new and fresh to give thanks for each week. God is too involved in our lives not to. Sadly, we give more thanks to fate, chance, or luck than we do our Almighty God. He alone is so worthy of our thanks and today is the perfect time to thank Him for all of His recent work in our lives.

Help me, Lord, to give thanks for all that You have done this week. Help me to look back and remember Your goodness and then look forward to what is next on this journey of faith.