Does God deserve your praise? The psalmist would shout "yes" with all of his might and shows us one of the reasons why. The psalm focuses on God's majesty over the waters of the earth specifically following the flood in Noah's day. God did not flinch at the thought of creating boundaries for the flood waters to flow in, nor did He struggle putting together a system that allows the water to come to the earth, return to the heavens, and return to the earth over and again. He is more than able to do something far more complicated than we could ever fathom without breaking a sweat. I ask again, "does God deserve your praise?" He definitely deserves our praise! Look around you and consider what "could be" compared to what is. Most people never fear the sun not rising or setting as it should, nor do they fear the waters on the earth getting out of control and destroying every living creature. We do not think about those issues, because we believe they are non-issues. The word "believe" is the same concept as faith. We have faith that something is making the sun rise and set and is keeping the waters from overflowing their boundaries. The psalmist simply defines that "something" and challenges us to worship Him. God is the Creator and Sustainer of this universe, and He deserves our praise.

Help me, Lord, to praise You daily for Your magnificent creation. Help me to celebrate Your incredible works and live daily by faith in Your power and Your authority.