David praises the Lord for all His "benefits" (NASB). He then spends a large portion of the song defining those benefits. He reminds us that, as beneficiaries of all God's blessings, we must praise the Lord. If you are walking with Jesus, then we have to see the incredible difference He makes in our lives and in the lives of our children. That transforming work is an amazing benefit of our relationship with Jesus. One of the greatest benefits of knowing our God is the removal of our sin and guilt. Jesus has washed that sin away. David makes it even more powerful when he says, "as far as the east is from the west." Jesus has not just forgiven our sins; He has decided to forget them, as well. He will not use them against us in the future or bring them up in the heat of confrontation, because they are gone. They literally no longer exist in the consciousness of God. God does not hold our sin against us any longer, but we hold it against ourselves and allow it to harm our relationships and steal away our self-esteem. How can this be? We must walk by faith knowing our sins are forgiven and that we have been set free to walk closely with God and to enjoy His incredible benefits in our lives. The guilt and shame of sin no longer have the power to rule your life. Walk by faith, my friends, and enjoy God's incredible benefits.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy the wonderful benefits that You bestow upon my life. Help me to squash the guilt and shame that threatens to handicap my faith and my future as I walk by faith.