This psalm takes us down some dark roads that eventually lead us to the Light. The psalmist seems focused on the mortality of man in comparison to the immortality of God. He knows that we all face difficult times and that sometimes it feels as if God is far away and not interested in our suffering, addiction, or broken-heart. The truth, however, is that our feelings lie and our hearts "are desperately wicked;" therefore, they are not trustworthy in these matters. We must understand that God allows those hard times to help us grow and mature in our faith. He does not want us to waste the few years we have on this earth so He molds us through difficulty and then puts us to work in His kingdom. Job is the perfect example and gives us some insight into how we face those hard times. Job said, "the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord." When we release all our people and possessions to the Lord, then we can trust Him to do what is best for them and not spend our days worried about what might happen to them. Life is too short! That is the theme of this psalm, and a great reminder that we should never waste this precious time God has given us.

Help me, Lord, to lay all of my people and possessions at Your feet and give them completely to You. Help me to use my time to build Your kingdom as You mold me daily into the image of Your Son.