Have you ever thought of yourself as blameless? The answer is obvious to us all. We have made horrible mistakes in our lifetime and have suffered the inevitable consequences for doing so. How could a person ever think of him/herself as blameless? The only answer to that question is our Messiah, Jesus. In Him, we are made blameless; our sins are forgiven and forgotten; therefore, they no longer exist because of the blood of Jesus. My blamelessness, then, comes straight from Jesus as He takes on my sin and replaces it with His righteousness. When David says he will walk blamelessly before the Lord, he has to be referring to God's work in his life and not his own, personal righteousness. Romans tells us that no one is righteous and Isaiah reminds us that our righteous acts are as filthy rags before the Lord. We are blameless by grace through faith. Our forgiveness is complete in Christ, and we no longer have to carry the guilt or shame of our sin, because the blame was placed on Jesus and removed from us. We are truly blameless! We can fight against unrighteousness, abuse, and addiction, because we have been set free in Christ. Satan prefers to keep us guilty and ashamed, but if you know Jesus as Savior, you are blameless in His sight and free to fight!

Help me, Lord, to praise You daily for the sacrifice You made on the cross and the impact it had upon my life. Help me to live blamelessly today without guilt or shame and always ready to build Your kingdom.