How long has it been since you shouted to the Lord? I did not ask when you shouted at the Lord, but shouted praise to Him for His power, authority, and love. We serve a God who not only created us and sustains us but also chose to save us by the sacrifice of His own Son. In that alone, He deserves a shout out on a consistent basis. Many Christ-followers today see worship as more about them than about God. If the music is not right or if the pastor gets in their business, they quit and find another place to worship. Please hear me...we do not find a place to worship, God calls us to a place of corporate worship. He has a church home prepared for each of His kids, but we miss much of what He wants because we are selfish and self-serving. When corporate worship has Jesus at its core and the people present are hungry to more of Him, then it can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life. We shout to the Lord consistently along with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Hopefully, corporate worship leads us to daily, personal worship. We cannot exist on one worship experience a week, because we need more of Him daily. Personal worship gives us a daily opportunity to shout praises to the Lord and to read and study His glorious Word. Will you worship Him today and ask Him to make you hungry for His Word this Sunday?

Help me, Lord, to shout praises to Your name on a consistent basis. Help me to worship privately in preparation for a glorious corporate worship service with my brothers and sisters in Christ.