David is concerned about the Lord's silence when it comes to those who are prospering through their sin. He is struggling, because he wants justice for the oppressed and punishment for the oppressor. He wants justice to fall on all those who are walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit. Then, the tone of the psalm changes, because David has stopped trying to fix the problem and has started trusting God to do so. Its as if his eyes were opened to the work God was doing that he could not see because of this lack of trust. When we give our burdens and fears to the Lord and invite Him into them, everything changes! Jesus is the catalyst for positive change in my life, in my community, and in this world. When we invite Him into a situation, then He is free to step in and do what no one else can do. That is who Jesus really is: a catalyst for cataclysmic change. He brings peace to the chaos and banishes the foolishness with wisdom. He brings a compassion that was missing, and He brings justice that differs completely from what we think possible. This is the Jesus that we serve, and the God that David knew would intervene. Do you have that same faith? Do you truly believe that God's presence can change anything that we face?

Help me, Lord, to invite You into every situation I face in life. Help me to rest in Your ability to change that situation without worry or fear on my part.