This will be a long journey through the Psalms, and we start with my favorite. The Psalmist shows us how to be happy. He tells us that we are happy (blessed) when we do not spend quality time with or take advice from the ungodly. They will never take us to those places God wants us to go. The happy choose to spend time in the Scriptures, instead, and they meditate on it day and night. I fear that this is one of our greatest weaknesses as God's children; we do not meditate upon the Word. Meditation is positive worry. Think about it...when we worry, we focus on one problem (or possible problem) to the point that it consumes our thoughts. If we spent time in the Word and did the same, we would find balance and joy in life. He compares that person who spends time daily in God's Word as a tree planted by the rivers of water whose leaf never withers and that produces consistent fruit. Is that not a perfect description of what we all hope to be in life? It only happens when we spend consistent time in the Bible. Those who choose a different path are like the chaff of wheat that literally blows away with the slightest breeze. That person has no foundation and nothing to build a life upon. Our world and our culture have nothing solid to build a life upon. Jesus called it sinking sand! Are you building your life upon the solid foundation of Scripture or upon the culture of the day? The answer will determine the path your life will take.

Help me, Lord, to spend time in Your Word and meditate upon it day and night. Help me to accomplish what You created me to accomplish and to show others just how incredible You really are.