Two ladies have built their own houses at the top of the hill and invite all those who pass by to stop in for a time. Lady Wisdom asks the simple to come and gain wisdom to live life to the fullest. She only wants the best for those who come into her home so she provides a safe place to grow, learn, and transform. Folly, on the other hand, invites the simple to come into her home so she can take advantage of them. She will use each person for her own gain or pleasure and will leave them with a desolate, hopeless life. As humans, our natural response to that desolate and hopeless feeling is to figure out a way to dull it or make it go away completely for a short time. We drink and use drugs and seek sexual companions because it will fill the void and make us feel important and alive in this world filled with the dead. We never grasp, however, exactly what will fill that void completely. We are so caught up in how everyone else is doing it that we never seek the one Answer to our question. His name is Jesus, by the way. He will fill that void and make us whole and complete once again. We only find Him in the home of Lady Wisdom. Solomon adds to these thoughts a great reminder about arguing with a foolish man or rebuking a wicked man. Until the Spirit convicts a person of the wickedness of their sin and their desperate need for Jesus, he/she will never change. We do not have the power or the authority to do anything more than share the truth and wait for the Spirit to do His thing in their lives. This is pure wisdom that keeps us from wasting our time and investing in those who are actually interested.

Help me, Lord, to visit Lady Wisdom’s home on a consistent basis and walk in all that she teaches me. Help me to be wise when dealing with the foolish and the wicked knowing that You must convict before they will ever change.