Sunday, September 22, 2019
Proverbs 8

Every choice we make to reject God’s plan and follow our own, is a choice that will eventually lead to the death of something. The thing we deem so unimportant is actually that which holds the greatest value in our lives. Marriages die; friendships die; work opportunities die; why, normally because of sin. We choose to follow after the adulteress, and she ultimately destroys our lives. Wisdom, on the other hand, makes our lives better and our wills stronger. It keeps us on the best path in life and it helps us know how to repair what we have broken. Wisdom is our great teacher in life, and it starts with “the fear of the Lord.” We will never seek after wisdom with our whole hearts until this healthy fear fuels our hearts and minds. God does not want us to be scared of Him, but He does want us to hold Him in such high regard that we would fight every temptation with all our energy and might. Our culture has removed all respect from the parental units and told the kids and teens that they ultimately know what is best. God tells us that we are to honor our parents. They are to be held in high regard because of the position they hold in our lives. When we choose to put them in that position, we have a stronger foundation to fight sin. When that respect is missing, it removes those restraints and causes me to pursue that which the Bible says is sin and always leads to death. Will you choose life, or will you choose death? As Solomon reminds us, it is truly our choice!

Help me, Lord, to choose to “fear” You to the point that I fight with all my resolve against sin. Help me to honor my parents as You have taught me to do and listen to their words of wisdom and encouragement.