Saturday, September 21, 2019
Proverbs 7

Wisdom is worthless if do not actually listen to it. My wife and I both work in fields where people need to hear the truth. We are constantly amazed that when we give people the truth based upon the wisdom granted to us through study and through experience in the power of the Holy Spirit, they do not listen. They might hear us but they never apply the truth to their lives so they continue to walk as if they are ignorant to what is right or best. Solomon sees a young man who was clearly trained in the Hebrew way of life, but he is cocky and sure of himself and walks right into the arms of the town harlot. He knows where she is, and she knows why he is there, so the sin is accomplished before it actually happens. He has put himself in a situation that would inevitably end with sin and then falls right into it. There is absolutely not wisdom in that scenario. If God has said “no,” then we need to abide by His answer and not try to live in our own human wisdom. When we know the truth but live as if we are ignorant to it, God can do very little to save us from ourselves. We are driven towards that sin by the temptation we have allowed ourselves to face because of our choices. We should not only hear this truth, but we should also share it with our children on a consistent basis. Talk to them about God-honoring relationships. Talk to them about their body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Talk to them about honesty and integrity and give them the tools to fight temptation. If they listen, then they will enjoy the spoils of wisdom; if not, then they will reap what they sow. Let’s choose wisdom today by doing what we know God has told us to do.

Help me, Lord, to listen to the wisdom that comes from Your Word through Your Holy Spirit. Help me to live according to that wisdom and not walk as if I do not know the truth.