Solomon is not about to sit back and watch his son take a path that will lead to destruction. He plans to give him all the tools needed for success and trust that his son will make wise decisions and enjoy God’s best in his life. He focuses on the “little” things when it comes to gaining wisdom, which by the way, is, in his opinion, the most important virtue any person can have. Time in the truth is the first “little” step that he should take every day. Today, that would be the whole counsel of God which is the Word of God. We sometimes think that it is unnecessary to the cause and fill our days with busyness and business and think it is enough. He also encourages his son to “put away perversity from your mouth.” Jesus made it clear that what comes out of your mouth starts in your heart. If your heart is tuned to perversity, then your mouth will follow. We struggle to grasp that when perversity rules our thoughts and words, it negatively impacts every relationship in my life. It demands all time and attention which removes it from those that you love most. Solomon encourages his son to “let your eyes look straight ahead.” Why? When we turn to the left or to the right, we get a over-abundance of this world and the temptations that are found in it. When my eyes stay straight ahead, then my thoughts do the same and my actions will follow. Any distraction can destroy important parts of our lives and take us down a difficult path. His concluding remarks simply reiterates his point. He says, “make level paths for your feet.” We cannot swerve from left to right and walk in wisdom. We just cannot do it!

Help me, Lord, to seek Your wisdom with my whole heart. Help me to put away any perversity or distractions that stop me from enjoying Your best and to stay the course with my eyes focused completely upon You.