This proverb is always remembered for its focus on the noble woman, and I will settle there in a moment, but first, I think it is important to acknowledge once again that these wisdom writings are for the sake of the next generation who will rule and reign in Israel. The new king is challenged to stay away from alcohol which must also include any mind-altering substance, because it rearranges priorities and lowers inhibitions. The king sometimes has to make spur of the moment decisions that cannot be made in good conscious when alcohol or drugs are part of the equation. This is important for all leaders, because we minimize our importance by consuming alcohol or taking drugs. The writer continues on with a detail discussion of what a godly wife looks like. This, too, is for the benefit of the future generations as they search for that life-long mate. Our culture is consumed with external beauty and celebrates it on every street corner and billboard. The Bible, however, tells us that beauty is much more internal than external. The outside fades over the years, but the inside makes a dramatic impact upon all those who come in contact with it. A noble wife works hard, loves her spouse and children, and walks closely with her God. We place so many more expectations on those women because they are responsible and willing to help, but that is where their focus remains. I am thankful that my wife is the perfect example for my daughter to follow and sets a precedent for my son as he seeks that wife God created for him.

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your instructions and to walk faithfully in them. Help me to celebrate my godly wife and to pray for my children’s future spouses daily.