What gives this man credibility when it comes to writing a proverb? His first and most obvious trait is humility. He does not claim to have wisdom nor does he claim to have exclusive knowledge of the Almighty; instead, he puts God in His proper place by acknowledging His power and His authority over all the earth. False pride leads us to feel godlike which makes us believe we have a never before revealed revelation for all of mankind. Pride destroys our credibility and classes us with every other person walking on the earth. This writer knows where true knowledge comes from and seeks it only from the Word of God. He does not add to the word or subtract from it; instead, he simply takes it as it is and trusts it as truth. Everything else that he says comes from that foundation of humility and faith. The writer clearly loves numbers and uses them frequently to give us clear instruction of right and wrong. He does not sugar-coat the truth, because he understands the seriousness of our decisions. Every decision is based either on pride and fear, or upon humility and faith. Those made without the Scripture’s assistance lead us to destruction because we lean upon our own understanding instead of His. The Scriptures as a whole remind us that those who are walking with God only do so by faith. It also reminds us that the humble are eventually exalted by God while those who walk in pride will stumble continually in life. Our challenge today is to base every decision upon our faith bathed in the humility of knowing His way is always the best way for us to take.

Help me, Lord, to walk in humility and faith today. Help me to set aside the pride and fear that can rule my decisions so that I can hear Your voice and walk accordingly.