Leadership is such a key factor in success as a business, a church, or a nation. Solomon does not cut any slack to those who are in leadership positions, because he understands how much impact they have on other people. A cruel, idol-worshiping leader will always lead his/her people away from God and deeper into their own flesh and sin. He/she cannot be trusted, nor can they ever lead a nation towards righteousness. A godly, honest leader will truly lead his/her people and not give control to those who are less than prepared for it. This is a leader that people want to follow and who understands that the greatest leaders are the greatest servants. Justice is an area were we can see the greatest difference. Solomon says, “evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully.” So a leader who is selfish and focused only upon his/her agenda has no understanding of justice. If a person gets in his/her way, then that person will suffer the consequences even though nothing illegal has necessarily happened. They are guilty before proven innocent and are not given an opportunity to defend themselves. It is heartbreaking to see innocent people who made a bad choice in the leader they follow suffer so greatly for getting out of line or not agreeing with that leader. Those who seek the Lord see justice from a completely different perspective. They do not expect everyone to agree with them, but they do expect honesty and character to rule the hearts and minds of those who follow. Illegal activity is dealt with swiftly, but the freedom to share an opinion is never stifled by this type of leader. Who are you following today?

Help me, Lord, to follow those leaders that follow after You. Help me to lead those that follow me in righteousness and towards a stronger walk with You.