Do we really know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow? We make plans and even boast about them, but in truth, we cannot make any guarantees until it actually happens. This reveals one of the many differences between us and God. We cannot see the future nor do we know what is coming next, but God sees everything — past, present, and future — and works from His infinite view of life on earth. Due to His lack of limits, we are forced to seek wisdom from Him if we want to truly accomplish something great on this earth. When we get so caught up in our own abilities, we stop depending upon God’s and end up losing ground in life. Solomon also reminds us of just how desperately we need the right people in our lives to help us grow. Iron sharpens iron, and the wounds of a friend can be trusted. We need those who will speak truth into our lives even when we do not want to hear it. We need that iron to sharpen us, and we desperately need those wounds from a friend that will help us see our faults and work to improve them. If we do not have those kinds of relationships, we will continue to flounder in life and never get to the best that God has for us. It is so easy to live on the praise of others and neglect to listen to the criticism. The problem is that criticism actually gets closer to who we really are while praise is simply a certain person’s idea of who we seem to be. Deflect the praise that comes to you to the One who deserves it and then reflect on the criticism that comes your way knowing God can use it to reveal another area that needs work in your life.

Help me, Lord, to stop worrying so much about tomorrow and focus my attention upon today as I seek wisdom from You. Help me to speak truth into the lives of those I love and to “wound” them when it is needed for their own personal growth.