Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Proverbs 24

Honesty is one of the greatest attributes any person can possess. Solomon makes is so simple, “an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.” I do not in anyway mean to be vulgar, but with that many wives and concubines, the king should have been an expert on kisses. To say something so profound and meaningful gives us great insight into the importance of integrity in a world filled with cheaters, liars, and thieves. Statistics tell us that drug and alcohol abuse account for over 80% of all crime in the United States. Addiction of any kind is based upon dishonesty and selfishness. It is the exact opposite of what Solomon was talking about. As a king, his success is based upon the honesty of his generals and military leaders. If they are insincere in their answers, their hope of victory diminishes greatly. Our greatest enemy loves to use our dishonesty against us; therefore, every time we say a dishonest word, we are giving him a foothold into our lives. Every foothold is like another opening that leads to death and destruction. You can count on it! I am always amazed at how good marketing has become at manipulation through words. It is almost difficult to call it dishonesty, but at its heart, that is exactly what it is. I have learned that when I find a company that says and does the same thing, I am loyal to a fault. I will stick with them because of their integrity in business. I believe one of our greatest calling cards in this culture is honesty. It will help people trust us with their emotional and spiritual lives. It is truly like a beautiful kiss on the lips.

Help me, Lord, to live a life of integrity. Help me to be honest when it is easy and when it is difficult knowing You will work through it for my good and Your glory.