Who rules the king/president’s heart? Solomon reminds us that God does. He directs that heart like a river meaning He can move it wherever He wants it to be at the perfect moment. We sometimes miss God’s work, because it does not happen as we think it should, but He does not fail or falter in all that He does. When it comes to the heart of a leader, God is the grand director and sees the end result of all the work He will do through that person. God is not gender-specific, because any leader, male or female, is directed by His plan and not by their own whims and ideas. Why then do we hear of so many crazy ideas floating around our political systems? God does not always direct our leaders to do what is best for us but what will eventually lead to the fulfillment of His plan. In other words, He may allow someone against our current political and economic leanings to lead our country some day, because He knows exactly where that would lead. Solomon gives us another tidbit of powerful information later in this chapter... “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.” A leader will never go farther than God’s plan allows and though he/she may be fully prepared and ready for battle, none will defeat our God. Satan will have some amazing military strategists leading the charge at the battle of Armageddon, but he has no chance, because God is truly unbeatable. Are you worried about the political frenzy our nation is in? As we walk by faith, we trust God to rule the hearts of those who lead us and direct them towards His perfect plan. They cannot defeat Him; they are simply puppets in His perfect plan.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith when it comes to the leaders in my church and this nation. Help me to trust Your power to rule the hearts of those leaders and to direct them wherever You want them to go.