Have you ever considered the benefits of seeking God’s wisdom over your own? Amazingly, it removes many of the obstacles in life and stops much of the drama and chaos that rules so many lives today. It helps us see life from the right perspective instead of staying focused only upon ourselves and what we want. It causes us to do the things we were made to do in a proper manner and to enjoy great peace and calm throughout our days. When we seek God’s wisdom, we do not fall into the traps and scams that our world puts out there, nor do we lose sight of the ultimate goals in life. This father is encouraging his son to walk in wisdom, knowledge and understanding and makes it clear that all three come only from God. You might believe that today’s choices have no impact upon tomorrow’s blessings, but God is clear throughout His Word that our choices make an impact. If I choose to marry an unbeliever or a “lukewarm” Christian, then I get to face the consequences of that decision. If I choose to leave my Bible on the coffee table or bookshelf and live by my own wisdom and understanding, then I get to live with the consequences of that decision. I do not get a pass, because these are choices I am making. Solomon does not want that kind of heartache for his son so he challenges him to listen and seek God’s wisdom above all else.

Help me, Lord, to seek Your wisdom above my own. Help me to walk in that wisdom and miss much of the drama and chaos that rules so many lives today!