“The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.” How many times have you run to the Lord when times got too tough to handle? How many times have you fallen on your knees, because nothing else worked? How many times? Our God is a “strong tower” like none other. David constantly called Him “a refuge in times of trouble” or “a rock in which to hide.” That king knew how desperately he needed the Lord, and he passed that knowledge to his son who is now passing it on to his son. We teach dependence upon God far better than we talk about it. Our kids actually see and hear how desperately we need the Lord through our actions, reactions, words, and attitudes. Two problems normally arise: either we are too proud to let anyone see our need, or we do not seek the Lord no matter how bad a situation gets (which is another manifestation of pride). Both problems hurt, because they not only shut off our ability to ask God for help, but stop our children from doing so in their greatest times of need. We need the Lord, and our children do, as well. It is not weakness to declare your dependence upon the Almighty, nor is it foolhardy to do so. Steve Green said it well many years ago, “People Need the Lord.” I need Him, you need Him, our kids need Him, and this world desperately needs Him. Stop pretending that you are enough and start seeking God with an open, honest heart. Declare your dependence and then fall on your knees and prove it. He is our strong tower, and we can run to Him.

Help me, Lord, to run to You, my strong tower, before the pressure gets too difficult to handle. Help me to teach my kids that dependence through my words and actions.