How many times have you made plans for a day and accomplished absolutely nothing you planned to do? How can that happen? If we are honest, it is because we have no control of our environment which means our plans are simply ideas that might happen if everything works out perfectly. God, however, determines the steps that we take. His plans are perfect; therefore, He can accomplish each one in His perfect timing. Making plans is not wrong, but we must be flexible understanding that God might have bigger and better plans for our day. Honestly, our reaction to those changes that God makes to our plans is the real issue. We fight and argue and get upset when things do not work out like we want them to. When we submit to God’s plan and focus our attention there, then we see what He is doing and enjoy it even more than our own ideas. God did not put me where I am today for me. Yes, I get incredible benefits for being in the center of God’s will, but my purpose here is for others. I am here to love, encourage, lead, and challenge people to live better lives that are centered on God and His perfect plan. If I am unwilling to submit to those plans myself, then I will have little impact upon the people around me. So the next time you think you know what is going to happen, relax and trust God’s will to be done. If it happens to match up to your plans, okay; but if it does not, then that has to be okay, as well. We are not big enough, smart enough, or powerful enough to make every plan come to fruition. We serve a God who is more than big enough, smart enough, and powerful enough to do just that. Trust His plan today!

Help me, Lord, to submit my plans to Your will today. Help me to stop trying to control every situation and trust that You are in complete control and more than able to accomplish Your perfect plan for my life.