Discipline is normally not something we love. In our flesh, we would prefer to hide our sin and keep the punishment for it at bay. If you are a Christ-follower, then you already know that we really do not get away with anything. God sees and knows our hearts better than we do and is constantly striving to mold us and make us into the image of His Son. God’s discipline is not based upon anger or hatred; He punishes His kids because He loves them and wants the best for them. Solomon seems to grasp that point clearly. The king reveals the result of loving discipline, it is a gaining of knowledge; we see life from a different perspective and we see God from a different perspective, all because of discipline. Yes, discipline means we have messed up in some manner, but if we are honest, that happens daily anyway. We say a foolish word or do something completely outside of God’s plan. We have bad attitudes and even hate those who have offended us in some way. Sin is part of that human nature that is still present, so discipline, is just as common. We can love it and learn from it, or we can despise it and destroy its great power in our lives. We have a new challenge today: love discipline because of the knowledge it brings to your life! The other option according to Solomon is to despise it and be “stupid.” Is there really a choice?

Help me, Lord, to love Your discipline and to learn every lesson You want for me to learn through it. Help me to walk through Your discipline in Your strength and in a way that brings You the most honor and glory.