Solomon’s purpose for these writings is to motivate people to listen to the wisdom of the authorities God has placed in their lives. He concludes the first section with a strong warning, “...but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” Sometimes the Scriptures seem as if they were written in the 21st century, because they apply perfectly. We are a nation bent on doing everything our way and on letting our kids rule the home, instead of taking the time to actually discipline and train them for the future. We must have wisdom that God provides through those in authority in our lives. We cannot trust our own instinct or intuition, because it is sinful; we must seek His wisdom so that we will not be enticed by this world’s savage ways of survival. Again, Solomon hits the nail-on-the-head when he says, “if you had responded to my rebuke, I would have poured out my heart to you and made my thoughts known to you.” Think about it...I make some huge mistake and God rebukes me for it. When I respond in humility and repentance, then He not only forgives me, but then promises to pour out His heart and His thoughts on those subjects that I am clueless about. Attitude has a massive effect upon how we live our lives and how closely we walk with God. If pride is ruling, then we will make foolish decisions based upon our own understanding. If, however, we are willing to humble ourselves before God, then His promise stands firm, and we will know His heart and His thoughts. Why is humility so difficult? Our sin nature is built on pride; therefore, doing anything else is supernatural, because it is definitely mot something we do naturally. Seek Him with your whole heart this morning and trust Him to reveal His perfect wisdom in His perfect timing!

Help me, Lord, to seek Your wisdom and respond to Your rebuke in humility. Help me to know Your heart and Your thoughts so that I can make the best decisions in life and honor You in all that I do.