Paul tells the believers in Philippi that the only person who he can trust completely is Timothy. He is going to send the young pastor to them to deliver the Apostle's thoughts and his words of encouragement. How does Paul go from having large numbers of followers to only one faithful fellow-worker? The sad answer to that question is pride. Once people get a taste of success and power, they, many times, allow the flesh to step in and take control. They forget where that success and power came from. Only humility allows us to keep our servant-focus and provides a strong foundation for life-changing ministry with the community God has placed us in. Timothy stayed humble and open to Paul's leadership and was consequently able to do incredible works for the Lord. The Bible tells us that God hates pride and that pride only leads to devastation and destruction. Pride destroys marriages. Pride destroys homes. Pride destroys churches, and God abhors it. If we live in arrogance, we will never find true success from God's perspective. Humble yourself today under God's mighty hand so that He can exalt you in His perfect timing (1 Peter 5:6). His exaltation is fulfilling and lasting. Our personal exaltation destroys our testimony and keeps us longing for more.

Help me, Lord, to stay humble and open to Your powerful works in my life. Help me to faithfully walk beside those you have placed in my life knowing that I need them as much as they need me.