At times, it is difficult to link an Old Testament principle with a New Testament application. Some men came to Moses and Aaron because they had touched a dead body but wanted to observe the Passover the next day. Moses wisely consulted God and found that He, too, wanted those men to observe the Passover. Flash forward several thousand years later and you find Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithea carefully removing Jesus' dead body from the cross and then carrying that body to an empty tomb. They did this right before the beginning of the Passover. This Old Testament principle provides an explanation for a New Testament application. I suspect that God the Father saw His Son on that cross and prepared His people for that moment. This Bible is complex in some ways and yet it is easy enough for a child to read it. Are you faithfully spending time in the Scriptures? Some statisticians and theologians feel that Scripture reading is the weakest part of our faith in the United States. We love Jesus and want to serve Him but have no clue how to do that without the context of God's Word. It is truly the "lamp unto our feet, and the light unto our path." I agree it is also sometimes difficult to apply to our lives. In reality, however, we have more resources for Bible study available than at any time in history. If you want to know how it applies, then find the answers you are looking for by taking the time to actually search.

Help me, Lord, to read the Old Testament with a readiness to learn from You. Help me to have a zeal for learning to the point that I regularly research passages of Scripture to see how they apply to my life.