Have you noticed that God never appoints a leader in the tabernacle without first anointing him for service? God's anointing is a supernatural work whereby He prepares you for some kind of ministry or service in His kingdom. It is bestowed on those who are willing to surrender to God's plan while continuing to grow their child-like faith. It is a powerful elixir when a man or woman says "yes" to God and walks closely with Him. He can do great and mighty works through that person. The Levites were called to serve in the tabernacle, and God told Aaron to anoint them in preparation for their service. He also told Moses that they were to serve from the ages of 25-50. After that they were to consult the younger Levites in how to do the work. Again, if we are unwilling to listen to or follow God's plan, then we will never experience His anointing. These men, however, heard the truth and followed it completely. They did not add their opinions or seek fame for their own name; they simply heard the Lord and obeyed. Have you experienced God's anointing at any point in your life? He has called you to more than just mundane service that has no power and no passion! God wants to anoint you for service so His zeal for the ministry can keep you faithful and true.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your Word and apply it to my life. Help me to enjoy Your anointing on my life as I continually learn to surrender and to love You even more.