If Moses had the possibility for "copy and paste," this would have been the perfect opportunity to use it. Most of this chapter simply repeats itself as it describes the offerings/sacrifices that each tribe brought when the construction on the tabernacle was complete. While it may seem monotonous, there is an incredible lesson for us to learn. When you and I choose to live in obedience to what we know the Scripture clearly teaches, we will put a smile on God's face and will enjoy His incredible goodness flowing through our lives. Many people ask the question, "why did this happen to me?" The problem with that question is that we never actually look back to find the answer. Normally, those moments are results of a misstep in the past or a lackadaisical attitude toward life, marriage, and/or work. In other words, they are a normal response to the past choices we have made. When, however, we choose to live in obedience as the Israelites did with this offering, we enjoy the positive response that comes from it, specifically God's pleasure in the offerings. This is grace and mercy! God gives us what we do not deserve while not giving us what we do deserve. When we walk in the flesh, then God steps out of the picture and suddenly we struggle. In this instance, God's people made the right decision and walked in obedience with Him and then enjoyed the fruit of that decision.

Help me, Lord, to walk in complete obedience with You. Help me to see the positives that come from obedience and to focus even more on my relationship with You.