God reminds all husbands and wives of the sanctity of marriage. He wants His people to have a "high" view of marriage, because they hear His Word and apply it to their lives. If a spouse steps outside the marriage relationship and has an intimate relationship with another person, then God provides clear instructions of the steps that need to be taken. As we grow in our faith and in our study of the Scriptures, our hearts are tuned to our spouse. We learn how to hear His voice and learn about His amazing love for us. We accept our responsibility in a marriage relationship and know that we will face discipline when we choose to go outside His boundaries. Marriage should be a little piece of heaven on earth. Sadly, we have made it something God never intended it to be. While God does not condemn divorce in the Old Testament, He reveals the seriousness of adultery and divorce. We should never either lightly. They are both destroyers of the fabric of our culture. God created families as the foundation of His culture, and He desperately wants us to get this right. We cannot take marriage lightly or our life-long commitment to our spouse as something unimportant and irrelevant. God has shown us how to love others, and we must heed His will and enjoy a love relationship that stays within the boundaries He created. He provides the love, we must train ourselves to use it for His glory.

Help me, Lord, to have a high view of marriage. Help me to stay faithful to and focused on my spouse and help me to love him/her in the manner Your Word tells me to.