It is amazing to consider God's incredible plan for His people. After sharing His plan for the sons of Aaron, God takes some time to instruct Moses on the Levites. Each clan has a specific task to undertake for the tabernacle to travel from place-to-place in the wilderness. Each clan carried certain furniture in the tabernacle, the poles that held it together, and all the curtains that separated the different parts of the worship center. This plan was not a sudden decision made by a God who was surprised. It is obvious that this plan was in place before the tabernacle was built. Each piece of furniture had holes for poles to go through so the Levites could carry it wherever the nation went. I suspect that no other tribe worried about the tabernacle in those journeys, because God gave the responsibility to the Levites. Are we guilty of getting so caught up in micro-managing that we take on a responsibility that is beyond God's call? I know without question that I have done just that, and I suspect many of you have done the same. When God calls, He is usually very specific about what He wants us to do. He does not struggle to make His will known. When you understand His will, follow it fully, and leave everyone else alone to fulfill their calling. We sometimes believe we could do it better, but if God has not called us, we must step back and trust Him to deal with it. When we do so, it releases us from so much of the pressure and worry that rules our minds. Find your place, do your best, and enjoy God's peace upon your life.

Help me, Lord, to focus on the responsibilities You have given me. Help me to stop micro-managing and start trusting those You have called to that place of ministry.