One of the tribes has some fears about losing some of their inheritance. Those daughters who received their father's inheritance could marry outside the tribe and take the land with them permanently. After all that has been discussed in this book, it is hard to imagine that this was noteworthy yet Moses included it. Why? I think he wanted us to remember that God is the God of details. Some believe that all God expects is for us to follow His general will -- going to church, marrying a Christ-follower, honoring your parents, etc. -- but that He has no specific will for our lives. In other words, any church or any spouse is fine with God as long as they stay within His boundaries. As I read the Scriptures, I do not see that kind of God; instead, I see a deity that has planned our lives completely. He wants us to listen closely to His voice for the details of life and then to walk accordingly. God told Moses that the girls who received their father's inheritance had to marry within their own tribe so the land would not change tribes. In that scenario, God specified who they could and could not marry based upon their inheritance and tribal affiliation. Has God done that for us? He has given us His general will which provides clear boundaries for our lives as Christ-followers. He also leads us and guides us through His Word, His Spirit, and His people, but our ears need to be open and ready to hear exactly what God has to say to us.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your love for the details. Help me to listen closely and to learn completely Your plan for my life and then do it to the best of my ability.