As you read this chapter, it would be easy to skip through some of the different moves the Israelites made after leaving Egypt. As I read, I realized that each of those places had a story. Each family involved in the set up and take down of their camp had a story. The words in this chapter reveal to us a story we might not have captured before, they also remind the Jews that they have a long and varied story to share with the next generations. I pray you will not discount the importance of your story. As a follower of Jesus, we must be ready and willing to tell our story to anyone who will listen. We cannot remain quiet and expect revival to break out in our land. It will not happen until we start telling others what Jesus has done in us. Here's the secret: they have to see what they hear from your mouth alive and active in your life. If you say your story and then show them that story in action, it has an opportunity to reveal truth and draw people to Jesus. This is a special day for mothers across this country. I love to sit down with moms with grown children and hear their stories. They normally remember them all and love to tell them. Can you and I say that about our testimony? Is Jesus such a big part of your life that you cannot help but speak His name and show the world the difference He makes.

Help me, Lord, to tell my story as often as You allow me to. Help me to listen closely to other's stories knowing they are just as important as my own.