Does God's plan always go as you expect it to? Two of the tribes of Israel come to Moses with a plea to live in the land that is before the Jordan River. They have livestock and feel that it fits their needs perfectly. Moses has always believed that God would settle all of the twelve tribes in the Promised Land and now these two tribes do not plan to do so. Moses raged pretty hard against them, but when they agreed to go into the Promised Land to fight for the other tribes, he relented. Through this, God expanded the land promised to Abraham. Is it possible that God wants to expand our understanding or even our earthly blessings when He chooses to go a different path than we expect to go? It is more than possible; it is His plan for our lives that we sometimes limit because we are so set on our plan. Does that sound familiar? Have you tried to dictate to God how your life would turn out? Have you watched as your plans burned to ashes? Our God loves to make beauty from ashes; therefore, we must step out in faith and trust that God's plan is far better than our own. That kind of faith requires a submission of our will to His will and our plan to His plan. It will not work if we are not willing to do so. Have you already determined whose plan is better? Will you listen for God's voice and obey?

Help me, Lord, to stop placing my expectations upon You. Help me to hear Your voice and obey knowing Your plan is far better and more stable than mine.