This is not an easy chapter to swallow, because God commands His people to attack and destroy the Midianites. They could keep the livestock and the virgin women, but everyone else was to die. We struggle because we always want God to be loving and kind, but in reality, He is also a God of vengeance. He takes care of His own, and this is part of doing just that. The ultimate goal of the Old Testament is to prepare the way for Jesus. Part of that preparation included destroying those nations that could lead Israel astray spiritually. Their worship of false gods was attractive to some of the Israelites so God wanted every nation who worshiped those false gods to be removed from the Promised Land. Have you recently sought vengeance on someone who did something to hurt you? God tells us in the New Testament that "vengeance is" His, because He "will repay" all those offenses. Naturally, we want revenge, but God asks us to live in the supernatural knowing He is better equipped to take care of my enemies than I am. Are you willing to go that far in your faith? Can you trust God to take care of all those who have hurt you in the past? He can and will protect us from those enemies, but we must give Him the freedom to work in ways beyond our understanding.

Help me, Lord, to stop seeking revenge for the hurtful and painful episodes in my life. Help me to walk by faith trusting You to deal with all my enemies.