Do you ever think about the importance of your words? God does. He wants our words to mimic our actions and vice versa. He wants to create in you a person whose "yes" is always "yes," and whose "no" is always "no." When we have that kind of character, then people trust us much easier and begin to listen to our words. When, however, we are constantly making vows and promises that we could never keep, we will not be trusted by our family or our peers. As I meditated on this text, my mind immediately went to my marriage vows. I took those vows seriously then and I still do twenty-five years later. Sadly, many take those marriage vows with no real intention of keeping them. They want to look good and sound good in front of friends and family, but in the end, it is just a vapor: something that looks good for a minute and then fades away. Are you a man or a woman of your word? Do you say it and then do it? God also reminds us that He has created a structure for family that includes husbands and fathers as leaders in their home. In a day when words mean little, we are watching a generation of men who have no real character or integrity. They talk a big talk but their walk is completely missing from the picture. So man or woman of God, will you allow your word to be your bond; will you say it and then do it every single day?

Help me, Lord, to be wise and careful with the words I use today. Help me to keep the vows I make at all times and walk humbly and carefully in them.