Moses continues to tell us of the amazing number of sacrifices that are required for festivals, feasts, and repentance of sins. When you add up all the numbers, they are truly staggering and remind us again of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Several of these feasts start and/or end with a solemn assembly. That kind of meeting actually focuses more on quietness and inner focus and not upon loud music and life-changing preaching. Sometimes, God wants us to stop and listen to His voice. He wants us to reconnect with Him and admit our incredible failures that may have stagnated our growth. He wants us to reflect upon His work in our lives either in the past or in the present. He wants us to prepare our hearts for the future He has in store for us. Why do most churches in the United States run away from this type of worship service? Most Americans do not like quiet or intimacy and never reflect upon their lives. A solemn assembly actually makes us uncomfortable and even irritable at times. Does the mention of a solemn assembly forbid us from a louder, more exuberant worship? Absolutely not! God wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. We can only do that by listening to His voice and then applying it to our worship. A solemn assembly, however, is an amazing option for a corporate worship service during the year or even for a personal retreat on a regular basis.

Help me, Lord, to crave those quiet, intimate times with You. Help me to worship You in spirit and in truth always ready to hear Your voice and apply Your words to my worship!