As you read through the list of sacrifices in this chapter, you have to smile knowing that Jesus is our propitiation, our perfect, ultimate sacrifice for sin. The priests were commanded to offer daily and monthly sacrifices along with any special festivities within the nation. Their sin was part of their human nature, but God required a covering of sin until He sent the Messiah to save the world. This covering was the blood of specific animals set aside for sacrifice. Our sins are not just covered; the Bible tells us that they have been washed away. We have now become the dwelling places of God's Spirit, and we feel conviction when we sin whether in public or private. This can only happen because Jesus' blood was perfect. When that blood began to pour from Him, God began preparing the hearts of men and women for an eternal salvation that has nothing to do with what we do or do not do. That is grace in a nutshell, and the perfect reminder of the lives we live by grace through faith. Are you walking closely with the Almighty today? Have you experienced His amazing grace? Are you thankful for the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made "once for all"? We serve an amazing God who has done all this for us; He deserves our worship today!

Help me, Lord, to always remember the sacrifice that You made for me at Calvary. Help me to be thankful for Your grace and worship you consistently today.