This chapter prepares for a book written later in the history of Israel, Ruth. It sets the precedence for a kinsman-redeemer, a relative that will redeem the inheritance of a dead relative. The daughters of Zelophehad come to Moses with an inheritance problem. Their father died because of some bad decisions he made, and they had no male in the family to receive the inheritance. In other words, they were destitute without the money and possessions their father left behind. Moses takes the request to God, and He immediately grants them access to the inheritance and then reveals His plans for a kinsman-redeemer. The male most closely related to the deceased family member is given the first opportunity to redeem the inheritance for the deceased family. If no male is left in the lineage, then the daughters will receive the inheritance from their father. Jesus is our Kinsman-redeemer, because He has redeemed our inheritance in heaven through the blood He spilled on Calvary. This precedent was set as a type of the coming Messiah. Moses is then commanded to lay hands upon the next leader of Israel since he disobeyed God and cannot enter the Promised Land. Joshua is the obvious choice, and Moses lays his hands on the man he has worked so hard to prepare for this moment. Are we investing in another person who might eventually take our place in ministry? If not, we will struggle to let go and move wherever God wants us to be. Invest, my friends, like Moses invested in Joshua and prepared him for success as the new leader of Israel.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate You as my Kinsman-redeemer. Help me to invest in those You have placed in my life knowing You might move me to a new ministry in the future.