When everything seems to be completely out-of-control, and you feel no hope or release for the future, what do you do? How does a believer respond to those emotions and battles? The only answer I have found to that question is to trust God's promises no matter what you hear or see around you. When the Israelites rebelled against Yahweh and would not enter the Promised Land, He promised to kill a whole generation while they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. In the new census, all of the people from that generation except Moses, Caleb, and Joshua, were dead. Did God keep His promises? He did. Sometimes, we do not like His promises, because we do not like the results of our sin. The law of sowing and reaping is a promise from God. If you sow love, respect, and a growing relationship with God, then you will reap so much more than you can imagine. If, however, you choose to rebel and do what you want to do, then God acts accordingly by allowing you to experience all the problems that creates. If those people had gone into the Promised Land, they would have watched God keep His promises to help them take the land. They chose not to do so and suffered greatly for it. What decisions are you currently battling? Are you ready to see and hear God's plan and live according to His promises, or are you going to rebel against God's plan and experience the hardships that come from sin? As you struggle with that question today, remember this one truth: God always keeps His promises.

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your voice through Your Word and Your Spirit and obey without question what you tell me to do. Help me to cling to Your promises when life looks or feels hopeless knowing You will not fail to keep them.