Temptation can create major chaos for people and/or for a nation. The Israelite men were tempted by the Moabite women who not only provided sexual favors for them but also encouraged them to worship their false gods. Sadly, these men got so bold that one brought a Moabite woman to his tent. God responded quickly to the sin and commanded Moses to kill all the men who gave into that temptation. Over 20,000 men fell to the sword that day, because they were tempted sexually and spiritually. Eleazar, the priest, took a spear to the man who brought the Moabite to his tent. We face similar temptations every day, and we, too, can easily fall into them without clear plans and a deep desire to follow Jesus. I was taught as a teenager to settle my convictions before I ever went out on a date. Why? My mentor wanted me to be prepared in advance for what could happen. He did not want me to walk into a situation that tempts without a battle plan in place. This is true for all of us in every situation we face. We can be tempted to let pride rule our words and actions. We can be tempted by anger that wants to hold people hostage. We can tempted by the sexual freedom that rules our land today. Temptation is everywhere, and if we are not prepared for it, we will fall. Moses watched it happen in Israel. Will we see it in our lives, our families, and/or our churches?

Help me, Lord, to prepare for the temptation that might come my way before it ever arrives. Help me to stand strong against temptation knowing it always leads to sin.