Have you ever been so filled with the Spirit and so on fire for the Lord that you could not stop talking about Him? Balaam is in that state of mind as he again blesses the nation of Israel. He admits that he can say nothing more than what God has told him. How amazing is it to get so deep in your walk with the Almighty that He is the first response to any hurt or struggle? If we can ever reach that point spiritually, our prayer life will experience power like we have never seen before which will lead to even more praise. We will proclaim how good it is to be in the house of the Lord, and our worship will take on new dimensions that draw us closer to Him. Does that mean that something miraculous has to happen to spur us to speech and a deep love for our God? Honestly, we meet God in His Word, through His Spirit, and by spending quality time with growing believers. Once we have met Him in one or more of those manners, we will become witnesses for Him "in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth." Balaam returned home with no reward; instead he experienced God in such a way that he was never the same. How long has it been since you gave God that much time and influence in your life?

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You through Your Word and Your Holy Spirit. Help me to praise You and proclaim Your goodness and Your glory to everyone I meet.