It is pretty amazing to think that God is our Protector even when we do not see the need for protection. King Balak asks Balaam to talk with God one more time about cursing Israel. Balaam returns with a clear word from God that revealed Israel's blessings and Balak's destruction. Did the Israelites know that someone was watching them or trying to curse them? I doubt that they did, but God still protected them from the potential curses of a rival king. We get so upset when our schedules are interrupted that we never stop to consider how God may be working in that moment. Could it be that God delayed you a few minutes to protect you from a car accident or a potential fall? Could it be that God adds a little extra to your workload, because He knows of an issue on the interstate that you know nothing about? God see what we cannot, and He acts accordingly. He does not work in the same realms that we work in which helps Him protect us even more. We have an enemy that is always on the prowl, and we need a Protector that can defeat him while protecting His people. This also reminds me that everything I do starts in the spiritual realm and manifests itself in the physical realm. There is no luck in life, only God's blessings or God's protection. To Him goes all the glory!

Help me, Lord, to recognize Your hand at work in situations that do not fit into my schedule. Help me to rest in Your protection and not worry about the potential problems that could arise in life.