When a person is fully submitted to the Lord, his/her life is controlled by Jesus in every situation and circumstance. We know when we are outside God's will, because God makes sure that we do not forget it. Balaam was a prophet of God who was not apart of Israel. He was asked by a king to put a curse on a nation that was about to attack him (Israel). Balaam sought the Lord before traveling and found that God said "no" to that request. Again, the king sent more princes and more money to encourage the prophet to come to him. When Balaam returns to the Lord for the second time, I suspect he already knows the answer, but he asked anyway. God told him "no" again but added the caveat that he could go based upon the king's aggressive pursuit of the prophet's help. Balaam packed his bags and straddled his donkey for the ride. As he was about to enter a pass through the mountains, his donkey just stopped. Balaam beat it harder and harder until the donkey finaly started walking. While in the mountain pass, the donkey pressed against the walls and again, he received a beating. Finally, God gave the donkey words to say and gave Balaam the ability to see with his eyes what had the donkey so scared. A massive angel was standing in their way and without the donkey's quick thinking, Balaam would have died. God was protecting his people, including Balaam, from any spiritual missteps that would spell their doom. This prophet had a calling from God, and he could not go and do whatever he wanted because of it.

Help me, Lord, to live in obedience to Your plan revealed in Your Word. Help me to rely upon truth and not upon my emotions which can push me into disobedience and death.