This chapter reminds us of the most basic truth in Scripture; when we choose to live in obedience, we enjoy victory over sin and over our enemies. When, however, we choose to rebel and live in sin, then we struggle to survive. The Israelites complained again about food and water, and God sent vipers into their camp, and they killed many people. Once they recognized their mistake and God's punishment, they repented and walked in obedience to the Lord. In those moments of obedience, they enjoyed two incredible victories over their enemies and took residence in their cities. Which would you choose personally: the curse of vipers or the blessings of victory? It is literally your choice. Those who walk in obedience to God still struggle physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but they also enjoy incredible victories in ways they never imagined. One of the greatest words in the New Testament is "grace," because it reminds us that God chooses, by grace, to give us what we do not deserve. As we walk in obedience with Him, we recognize God's grace in everything we do. We see His hand at work and readily acknowledge His power and strength What will you choose today? I stand with Moses' successor in saying, "but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Help me, Lord, to live out those words as Your son and as an example to my family. Help me to make good choices and grant me the wisdom to see Your victories and Your hands of blessing upon our lives.