After yesterday's installment services, I felt overwhelmed with love and support. As my family sat around the kitchen table opening gifts and cards filled with words of love and appreciation, we were dumbfounded by the generosity of God's people. It was definitely a mountaintop experience, but God reminded me this morning that I am most vulnerable at moments like that to the attacks of the evil one. Moses walked closely with God and served and worshiped Him faithfully as he led the people to the edge of the Promised Land. He stayed faithful through their rebellion in the wilderness until this moment when the people begged for more water and complained about their lack of variety in their food. Moses went to the Lord and received a clear word of what he was to do. He followed God's orders to the "t" until his anger overtook his actions and he struck the rock twice with a stick instead of speaking to it. God brought the water and nourished the people, but Moses and Aaron's disobedience would cost them greatly. According to the word of the Lord, these two incredible leaders would not get the privilege of entering the Promised Land; instead, they would both die and leave their legacy to others. One sin cost them the opportunity to enter a land they had dreamed of since childhood. Please do not take sin lightly today and please do not lower your guards on the mountaintop. If you think about it, the top of the mountain creates the greatest fall.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy those mountaintop moments in life without letting down my guard and losing the battle with sin. Help me to hear Your voice and obey exactly what You say no matter how angry or hurt I may be.