Is our God the God of order or chaos? As you read this chapter, you must conclude that He is most definitely a God of order. He instructs Moses on how to situate the tribes around the tabernacle. He starts with Judah and works His way through the twelve tribes making sure they each had a place that would meet their needs. He did not release people to live wherever they wanted; instead, He gave them clear boundaries to live within. The amazing part is that God provides the structure and then set His people free within that structure to erect their tents and live. Our God is the God of order. He put His whole plan together before the foundations of the world, and He has executed that plan perfectly. Even the intricacies of getting Jesus to the earth are far bigger than we could ever imagine or accomplish yet He did so with little effort, because He is God and because He is in control. As you think about your life, do you see the clear boundaries God has created for your protection and to keep order? Once those boundaries are created, do you feel free to live within them? This is the way He created His universe, but we must listen and learn from Him to thrive in today's crazy culture. Are you interested in finding order and purpose in life? You will only find it in Yahweh, the Lord Almighty.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your voice and learn the boundaries You have created for me. Help me to appreciate the order that You have given this universe and begin to seek that for my own life.