At times, we get upset because someone questions our authority or tries to usurp it. In the previous chapter, God proved His choice as priest to all those who questioned his authority. Now, he solidifies that approval with a simple test. Moses asks the leaders of each ancestral tribe to deliver a staff with their names upon it. He would then put them in the tabernacle and wait until morning to see what God would do. The next morning, Moses found a sprouting, budding, and blooming staff with Aaron’s name on it. The rest stayed as they were originally. God once again confirmed Aaron’s position as High Priest and his lineage through which the priests would come. When your authority is challenged, let God prove His calling upon your life, instead of trying to fix it yourself. The leaders of those tribes feared God and once they saw his answer, they heeded His instructions. They were humbled by God’s clear calling on Aaron. I believe God will humble those who work so hard to destroy a person in authority. Their accusations will be destroyed, and their questioning will eventually end. Stay the course! Do your best in everything you do, and listen closely to God’s voice as He guides you in His plan. God told Moses to plant the staff in front of the tabernacle as a constant reminder of His revelation. He will create that same kind of reminder for you, His beloved.

Help me, Lord, to accept the authority You bestow upon me. Help me to humbly listen to Your voice and live in complete obedience to it.