What is it about humanity thinking they deserve everything and are more qualified than anyone else? The simple answer is pride. Several groups of Levites gather at the tabernacle to confront Moses and Aaron. They felt like they should have complete control of the tabernacle and that Moses and Aaron should take a backseat. The two leaders try to convince the men to go back to their homes, but they demanded to be heard. Moses and Aaron tried to protect these people, but they were too headstrong and proud to listen. The two leaders fell on their face before God more than once to convince the Almighty not to strike them down. Even as they begged, God brought a plague on the prideful people and eventually commanded the ground to swallow them alive and bury them. God hates pride, and He will do everything possible to turn us away from thinking so highly of ourselves. Sadly, many will not listen. Death always follows pride. These men died physically, but pride can also cause a marriage to die; it can rip a family into shreds; and it can destroy a church. Pride is that destructive and deadly. Thankfully, two men, Moses and Aaron, humbled themselves before the Lord and were able to stop the plague and save the majority of the people. The rest died in their pride! Will you?

Help me, Lord, to humble myself under Your mighty hand. Help me to see the deadliness and destructiveness of pride and to fight against it for myself, my family, and my church.